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Dear Colleagues,

Those who live outside the borders of our country and speak/can speak Turkish, especially other specialties that attempt to solve movement system problems working in the discipline of Orthopedics and Traumatology, together with our colleagues Our friends think in Turkish, make presentations in Turkish and "Turkish Spoken Languages" in order to gain their autonomy to discuss Countries Orthopedics and Traumatology Association” in January 2020 in TC Ankara Establishment with the acceptance number 06-139-153 given by the Governorship We experienced happiness.

Together with our brothers and sisters, all Turkish-speaking people in the world We want to gather our colleagues under this beautiful roof that we have created. We succeeded and we believe that we will carefully maintain this success.

We will bring this meaningful togetherness to one of the historical cities of Uzbekistan in April 2024. To crown it with our first widely attended congress in Samarkand. we wanted. It will add color to our congress and we will be together; Turkish Orthopedics and Association of Traumatology Association, Turkish Orthopedics and Traumatology Association, Turkish Shoulder and Elbow Surgery Association, Türkiye Sports Injuries Arthroscopy and Knee Surgery Association, Turkish Emergency Medicine Association, Turkish Sports Physicians Association, Orthopedic Physiotherapists Association, Orthopedics and Traumatology Nursing Association, Extremity Reconstruction and Ilizarov Methods We thank the Application Development Association Families. TURKOT-DER To all our colleagues who contributed to the creation of our family, Our current president is Prof. Dr. Hayati Durmaz and our board members, TOTBİD secretariat, TÜRKOT-DER administrative manager Kevser Aslan, legal Our consultant Atty. Mr. İsmail Atak, for the organization of our congress. Prof., a member of the Uzbekistan Orthopedic Association, who worked hard. Dr. Ahmet Dursunov, dear association president and his friends, I respect you all and I express my thanks.

See you in Samarkand in April 2024.

Prof. Dr. Mahmut Nedim Doral
TÜRKOT-DER Founding President


Dear Colleagues,

TÜRKOT-DER birinci Kongresi’ni, kadim kültür coğrafyamızda kongre dili Türkçe olacak şekilde gerçekleştiriyoruz. Bizlere eşlik eden tüm dernekler ve hekimlerimizle birlikte “Yeni Ufuklar” başlığı altında zengin bir bilimsel program ve mutlu bir ortamda buluşma heyecanını şimdiden yaşamaya başladık.

Your participation will make us stronger and add color to our congress.

Prof. Dr. Hayati Durmaz
Congress President
TÜRKOT-DER President (2023-2025)