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Dear Colleagues,

In order to enable Orthopedics and Traumatology specialists who live outside the borders of our country and speak Turkish to gain the autonomy to think in Turkish, make presentations in Turkish and discuss in Turkish, the "Turkish Speaking Countries Orthopedics and Traumatology Association" was established in January 2020 by the Republic of Turkey Ankara Governorship under the number 06-139-153. We had the pleasure of establishing it with the acceptance number.

We continue to gather all our Turkish-speaking colleagues in the world, together with our brothers and sisters, under this beautiful roof that we have created. We wanted to crown this meaningful cooperation with the first congress with wide participation that we will hold in Samarkand, one of the historical cities of Uzbekistan, in April 2024. We would also like to thank the Turkish Emergency Medicine Association Family, who will add color to our congress and with whom we will be together. I would like to express my respect and gratitude to all our colleagues and friends who contributed to the creation of our TÜRKOT-DER Family, TOTBİD Presidents and Board Members who supported us, TOTBİD Secretariat, our Legal Advisor, and all of you.

See you in Samarkand in April 2024.

Prof. Dr. Mahmut Nedim Doral
TÜRKOT-DER Founding President

We are holding the 1st congress of TÜRKOT-DER in our ancient cultural geography, with the congress language being Turkish. We hope to meet you with our emergency physicians in a rich scientific program and a happy environment under the title of "New Horizons".

Your participation will make us stronger.

Prof. Dr. Hayati Durmaz
Congress President & Vice President

We invite you to a pleasant social environment, rich scientific content and a comfortable and warm environment where you can feel at home.

Your participation and support will be our strength.

Kind regards,

Prof. Dr. Serkan Yılmaz
TATD 15th Term Board Chairman